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Machine Learning will rewrite the rules of competition across many industries. BigML has built a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) platform that enables companies of all sizes to systematically accelerate the adoption of advanced analytics by automating it end-to-end.
BigML democratizes Advanced Analytics. BigML’s intuitive web interface welcomes non-PhDs to build highly interpretable and exportable models based on a collection of highly scalable and proven algorithms.

Shape the future
We are now witnessing a convergence among experts that advanced analytics initiatives will shape the future as they can turn the data deluge into real returns and competitive advantage. It is no coincidence that some of the most admired forward thinking companies like Uber and Airbnb are based on their uncanny ability to build core Machine Learning systems that turn digital bits into giant marketplaces that made them prosper. We believe many more companies will follow in their footsteps; only that they will have much more modest budgets to work with. The platform approach from BigML, and its Machine Learning automation framework, is the only viable way for those early majority companies to get into the game.


Game changer
BigML has set out to create the Machine Learning platform of the 21st century from scratch, so that practitioners and developers can be mainly concerned with driving more value and business results from their data. This harder approach requires a commitment to true innovation instead of stringing together various open source libraries.
BigML provides a smart Machine Learning Layer on top of the existing infrastructure of an insurance firm. BigML models can be easily deployed by developers through the use of its standards based API that comes with bindings in all popular languages.
With BigML solutions your data stays with you, since it applies cloud-born technology behind your firewall. BigML’s flexible deployment model fits the full spectrum of needs ranging from multi-tenant cloud to virtual private cloud and on-premises. For an insurance company requiring full control over all resources, BigML’s on-premises version is a game changer as it enables it to abide by stringent regulatory, security and other company policy imperatives.

Why we selected BigML for DIA Barcelona
We selected BigML to show and tell at DIA Barcelona because BigML liberates Machine Learning from being a non-repeatable, fringe activity practiced by few hard to hire, hard to retain experts utilizing complex and expensive tools.
By democratizing Advanced Analytics insurance firms are able to reap the benefits of big data much faster than ever before, across the insurance value chain; from more effective customer acquisition and customer development to claims and fraud. And at much lower costs.

Who is BigML
Founded in 2011, the BigML Team has decades of combined experience in building Machine Learning systems from ground up. This has deeply informed our customer experience design choices at every decision point and it continues to do so. Most BigML team members have worked at previous Artificial Intelligence companies founded by BigML’s Co-founder and CEO Francisco J. Martin. He worked closely with Professor Tom Dietterich (BigML’s Co-founder and Chief Scientist) during his post-doctoral work and he possesses a wealth of experience in bringing intelligent applications to market dating back to 1990s.
BigML counts Professor Geoff Webb of Melbourne’s Monash University as a Strategic Advisor. In July 2015, BigML announced the acquisition of professor Geoff Webb’s Magnum Opus —the leading association discovery tool that professor Webb has been perfecting for more than a decade as driven by his world-leading expertise on the subject.

BigML's Co-founder and CEO Francisco J. Martin

BigML’s Co-founder and CEO Francisco J. Martin










Presenting at DIA Barcelona
Amir Tabakovic, Vice President of Business Development
Dario Lombardi, Vice President of FinTech

Contact info
Business Development/Sales: Amir Tabakovic, Vice President of Business Development,
Press/Media: María Jesús Alonso, Product Manager and Communication,


By: Roger Peverelli Posted on 14 March, 2016